Resources for Treating Adults

Client Workbooks

Becoming the Man I Want to Be

Based on the Good Lives Model of rehabilitation

Adult Relapse Prevention Workbook

For clients in treatment for sexual abuse

Building A Better Life
A good lives and self regulation workbook

Relapse prevention workbook for female offenders

Road to Freedom

Covers all the components of sexual abuser treatment

Who Am I and Why Am I in Treatment

Beginning the therapeutic process with sexual offender clients

Enhancing Empathy

Helps clients develop empathy in simple, concrete terms

Why Did I Do It Again and How Can I Stop

Teaches clients about cycles of abuse, feelings and behaviors that make up cycles, and more

Passport to Independence A Good Lives Workbook

A collection of exercises used to help with understanding the concepts of working toward a good life


Professional Books

Becoming the Man I Want to Be Counselor's Edition

An introduction to the Good Lives Model (GLM), author annotations that track the pages of the client work­book, and supplementary sources of information for practitioners

Applying the Good Lives and Self-Regulation Models to Sex Offender Treatment

Practical guide introduces clinicians to the good lives and self-regulation models

Adult Relapse Prevention Workbook

Fifteen chapters from a who's who of experts in the field. The essential single-volume reference.

RNR Principles in Practice
A professional guide to the Risk-Need-Responsivity model in the treatment of sexual abusers.

Group Therapy with Sexual Abusers
The first book dedicated specifically to group therapy with adult sexual abusers.

Applying the Good Lives Model to the Case Management of Sexual Offenders

Practical guide for probation officers, parole officers, and case workers

Women Who Sexually Abuse

Professional guidebook for working with female sexual offenders

Trauma-Informed Care

Learn how trauma-informed care can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment of people who have sexually abused

Building Motivation for Change in Sexual Offenders

Tackles the challenging question of how to motivate change in mandated clients

Difficult Connection

Developing a positive relationship with involuntary clients.

Supervision of the Sex Offender

Practical information you will continually be pulling from your book shelf


Did you know...

Safer Society Press offers individual downloads of each chapter in The Safer Society Handbook of Sexual Abuser Assessment and Treatment. These chapters include:

  • Psychosexual Evaluation
  • Internet Pornography and Sexual Offending
  • Working with Women Who Sexually Offend
Click here to view all fifteen chapters