Additional Memes from ‘How Therapeutic Humor Can Work For You’

Guest speakers Mallori DeSalle and Lodge McCammon went through the webinar chat and created a bunch of memes from the funniest responses in the chat…. How about them apples!

While they will be posted on Twitter, we wanted to make them accessible to all who view the webinar.

Leave us a comment if you see your response!

We invited participants to share a funny word. Sometimes simply using funny words can make people laugh. For example, instead of saying, “I feel like I am not making sense right now” we can say, “I feel like that was all gobbledigook.” #SaferSociety

We invited participants to complete this sentence with an absurd response: If sadness were a meal, it would be…The idea of sadness builds tension. Absurdity can spark laughter, which releases the tension. #SaferSociety

We invited participants to share punchlines, which are absurd statements that can add humor and diffuse tension when placed at the end of any sentence. This activity builds community; whenever someone uses one of these punchlines, it is an invitation to laugh. #SaferSociety

We invited participants to write a one-line complaint and then add a punchline from the list. This usually ends up being very funny, even if the punchline is a non sequitur, which is a conclusion that does not logically follow from the previous statement. #SaferSociety

We invited participants to create a humorous paradox, which is a situation that combines contradictory features. It’s painful to face a paradox, but if we add a punchline, it can make expressing it quite pleasurable. #SaferSociety

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