2024 Founder’s Award from Stop It Now: Joan Tabachnick

We at Safer Society Foundation are pleased to congratulate Joan Tabachnick on receiving the 2024 Founder’s Award from Stop It Now!. This award honors the compassion and hope that Fran Henry, the founder of Stop It Now!, brought to the field of child sexual abuse prevention. Joan exemplifies these qualities through her extensive work and dedication.

Joan has been a crucial partner to Stop It Now! since its inception, serving as one of the organization’s original members. Her expertise has been invaluable to the organization, and her impact on the field of child sexual abuse prevention extends globally.

Joan is recognized nationally for her contributions to the field, including her work with the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), where she has developed resources for prevention and reunification that have been both innovative and influential.

Joan appeared as a guest speaker on our Safer Talk webinar series, where she shared her insights on sexual misconduct on college and university campuses in a webinar entitled “Campus Dilemma: Unique Challenges of Addressing Problematic Sexual Behavior in Students”.  Her work was also referenced in The Prevention of Sexual Violence: A Practitioner’s Sourcebook, which served as a guide for professionals dedicated to creating safer and more inclusive communities.

Joan’s work embodies the spirit of the Founder’s Award, as she has effectively bridged the gap between victim advocates, professionals treating offenders, and the broader community to advance the goals of preventing sexual violence and enhancing community safety.

On June 20th, Stop It Now! will formally present Joan with this well-deserved award during a panel discussion that will highlight past achievements and future goals in the prevention of abuse.

We look forward to celebrating Joan’s significant contributions to making the world safer for children and families. Congratulations, Joan, and thank you for your relentless dedication and inspiring work.