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Surviving Sexual Violence in the Current Era

Recorded On:   July 2, 2020
Duration:  1 Hour

This webinar is for individuals interested in learning about how to support and help survivors of sexual abuse. This includes a wide range of professionals, advocates, and individuals who are committed to understanding and addressing the impact of sexual abuse.

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How do people survive sexual abuse?
How do we come to thrive in its wake?

This conversation focuses on how people can survive and thrive in the current environment. It explores what we can learn from restorative justice to help people recover their lives in the wake of sexual abuse. A basic tenet of Restorative Justice is that those affected by abuse should be able to participate in its resolution. Through the approaches that Dr. Ackerman embodies, people who have been abused can again experience connection and hope.

Who's Presenting


Alissa Ackerman

California State University

Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman is a “pracademic” and “survivor scholar” who integrates her academic expertise, professional background, and personal encounters with sexual violence into her public engagements. She is the co-founder and proprietor of Ampersands Restorative Justice and serves as a Criminal Justice professor at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Ackerman’s professional focus revolves around comprehending sexual offending, the repercussions of sexual victimization, and exploring restorative solutions for individuals affected by sexual harm.