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Strategies for Healing in Sibling Sexual Abuse Cases

Recorded On:   June 6, 2024
Duration:  1 Hour

This webinar is for professionals working with youths and their family following instances of sibling sexual abuse.

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In this webinar, host David Prescott leads a discussion with expert Linda Valenta regarding her innovative approach to addressing sibling sexual abuse. Her approach centers on fostering accountability, enhancing communication, and facilitating reparation through the joint therapy process. This method, introduced early in treatment, involves both the sibling who perpetrated the abuse and the sibling who was victimized.

In her practice, Linda explores three stages of therapeutic contact:

(1) Acknowledging the abuse
(2) Learning about the problem (clarification), and
(3) Being healthy and safe (consolidation).

Linda uses the images, words, and stories of the children and families that she has supported to help convey her methodology. Through these elements, she not only introduces participants to a diverse range of therapeutic interventions but also offers a unique opportunity to explore the issues that emerge when working with family members following instances of sibling sexual abuse.

Who's Presenting


Linda Valenta, MSW

Private Practice

For over 25 years, Linda Valenta, has committed herself to the prevention of sexual abuse through the provision of assessment and treatment services to children and youth who engage in harmful sexual behaviour.   Linda’s Social Work and Couple and Family Therapy training reflect strongly in her approach to responding to sexual harm by children with her focus being on providing interventions that support children and families in Being Safe (managing risk), Being Well (reducing risk) and Being Okay (minimizing harm and impact).  Linda’s passion and experience in the field make her a sought after speaker and trainer and she has presented her work at conferences around the globe and regularly trains professionals and agencies across Australia.  Linda has a private practice in Sydney, Australia.