Our Safe Haven: Working with Clients We Can’t Reach

Dates & Times: 

  • July 26th (1-2 pm EST/10-11 am PST)

Have you ever encountered a client who seems impossible to reach? The one you struggle to establish a connection with? Perhaps you tried to get some consultation only to be met with vague responses like, try a motivational approach,” leaving you feeling judged and in need of your own inspiration.

Join us for these Our Safe Haven sessions, where we delve into the stresses and solutions of navigating such challenging situations. Engage in open discussions, offer support, and be supported! Hosts Katie and David—seasoned professionals in the field—empathize with the hurdles you face and are here to guide you through.

In each session, we may discuss topics such as:

  • Establishing Rapport: How can we focus on building a strong therapeutic relationship with difficult clients?
  • Respecting Boundaries: The importance of allowing space for the client to dictate the session’s direction.
  • Self-Disclosure: How do we remain mindful of boundaries and clinical intent behind disclosures when trying to foster a sense of connection and trust?
  • Motivate Yourself: Maintaining a positive attitude and viewing vague feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

To ensure that each session is workable, we will limit the number of attendees. Registration for each session will, therefore, be on a first-come-first-served basis. We are charging a non-refundable fee of $8.00 to reserve your spot. 

Your personal privacy is our highest priority. These sessions will be recorded for liability purposes only. The recordings will not be shared with attendees or distributed outside of Safer Society Foundation.

Like any group discussion, everyone will have a responsibility to keep it a safe, professional, and confidential space. We will adhere to the codes of ethics of our professions, mandatory laws, and other professional standards. The Safe Haven series is intended to be supportive; not formal supervision, consultation, or legal advice.